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MLA Tour Classic

  • SFr 40900

Engineered precision instrument. By combining a classic look with a front end aiming technology the Tour Classic gives you a precision tool you could only dream of.

The overall weight distribution makes it perfectly balanced and the soft touch gives great distance control. To fit this putter head weight for your special needs the Tour Classic has an interchangeable weight system to benefit from. Maximize your performance with this 100% milled precision instrument engineered in Sweden. 

Designer’s thoughts: The Tour Classic was in my mind a perfect combination of the unique alignment and a classic look and feel. But it was not so easy to make it as clean and attractive as it might appear when you see the final putter. The alignment is symmetric and Classic putter shapes are seldom symmetric.  Besides the shape challenge, it was also a fight to make it at the preferred weight. I think I succeeded after a number of sleepless nights, I´m very pleased about the final result. 

Head weight: 370gr Standard loft: 2,5 Standard lie: 71

Shaft length: 34″ (UC) Available in RH, LH Screw options: 5gr, 10gr, 15gr,

Finish: Black

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